Our Approach

What's your preference: Growth or Protection

What’s Your Preference: Growth or Protection?

Why not have both!

When asked seniors named “running out of money” as their single greatest fear, even more than dying.  With life expectancy increasing with every new medical breakthrough it isn’t inconceivable for us to live well into our 90’s and beyond.  They say that the children being born today can expect to live to age 120.

Senior Benefit Solutions specializes in developing programs that concentrate on Estate Conservation and Estate Preservation guaranteeing that the money you worked so hard to earn will be there for your retirement-even if it’s for thirty plus years!

It isn’t a question of minimizing risk; it’s all about eliminating it.  It’s about protecting both principle and having a reasonable rate of return that never goes down.  It’s about never being afraid that your assets will be adversely effected by a sever market downturn.

By working with only the most secure products and companies we can protect and preserve your assets and make sure that when you retire you’ll have adequate funds available to make your retirement years safe and secure.

Protecting Your Health as well as Your Money:

Understanding the ever changing health insurance programs offered by dozens of companies isn’t mind boggling its mind numbing.

Every year your give a short 45 day window to make any changes to your health insurance program. Choosing between Original Medicare, Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans can leave you dazed and confused.

We at Senior Benefit Solutions go through annual recertification programs so we can provide our client’s with the most up-to-date information and programs best suited for their health care needs.   We have the expertise to provide you with the best plan that fits your budget and needs.

If you’re new to Medicare we can take the mystery out of choosing the best program or if you’re an old hand at the annual reenrollment period Senior Benefit Solutions can make your decision making process simple and easy.

Protecting Your Rights

As a mobile society it isn’t uncommon for families to be spread across the country if not the world. Leaving those who are aging living in one state and those responsible for their care in another making it almost impossible to respond to an emergency let alone their daily needs.

Working with organizations and individuals who specialize in providing services where patient rights are protected gives both you and your loved ones peace of mind no matter where they live.   Advocating on your behalf, making sure you receive services contracted for and having a personal representative at your side when needed is the role of a Certified Patient Advocate.

Senior Benefit Solutions and one of our advocacy partners provide protection and personal care second to none.

Why Senior Benefit Solutions

With over thirty years of expertise in all facets of insurance, Life, Health and Annuities, Senior Benefit Solutions can provide a streamlined approach to all your retirement and estate planning needs.  It’s not a question of risk tolerance – it’s about risk avoidance.