Social Security

Social SecurityMaximizing Social Security

Ever wonder when is the best time to take your Social Security?  If you listen to your friends you need to take it as soon as you turn 62 because it will be disappearing.  If you listen to the professionals you need to wait until you really need it and the longer you wait the better you’ll be.

Truth be told, everyone’s optimum time is different.  Each of us has different needs and desires for retirement and when we take Social Security is just part of that plan.

There is a optimum time to take your Social Security.  You just need a way of finding it out.  When do you plan on retiring?  Will you still work?  Will your spouse take early benefits or will you?  Will you know if you should suspend your benefits in favor of the spousal benefit?

There is a multitude of questions and just as many answers.  Do you really want to tackle them by yourself?  If you do you might be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Senior Benefit Solutions can show you when the best time for you to take your benefits.  We can provide you with a plan designed around your specific needs and situation.

Stop listening to your friends and find out for yourself.  Social Security maximization is just a few clicks away with SBS’s Guide to Social Security.